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Immunity Hacks with GG Tash

Immunity is especially top of mind during the pandemic. Here, I share easy steps to boost and support immunity for the whole family from our GG must-have supercharged lemon water to a DIY cough suppressant for the kiddos. I’ll walk you through a few of our favourite products and how to use them. Watch the video or read the full text below.

GG Curtonic Tincture

Starting with our fan favorite is the Good Goddess Curtonic Tincture. This is a concoction of active roots and herbs with powerful immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of the key ingredients you might recognize include turmeric, oil of oregano, ginger, black pepper, skulls cap and holy basil.

How we use it: Supercharged Lemon Water

A simple way to use Curtonic is in lemon water. For those locals here in Toronto, you can purchase our whole lemon organic lemon juice which makes your life easier. You simply pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into a cup of cold or warm water, add a dropper of Curtonic and call it a day.

GG Pro Tip: Natural Cough Suppressant

Boost your kids’ immune system while using natural products. Mix Curtonic Tincture with local honey to create your own natural cough suppressant. I use this with my kids when they feel a scratch on the back of their throat and we swear by this product in our family.

Rainbo Chaga Tincture

Next on the hit list is the beautiful Chaga Tincture by Rainbo. Chaga is the king of mushrooms and one that’s very near and dear to my heart because I've had the privilege of harvesting it with my family in New Brunswick. Chaga grows on white birch trees. When you chop it off the tree, it's a beautiful gold color. Chaga is very medicinal. It slows down cellular aging and hunts down the body of unwanted cells. Rainbo has done an incredible job of turning it into a tincture.

How we use it: Straight Up // In Coffee // In Supercharged Lemon Water

You can take this straight up from the dropper, which has a funny little mushroom taste. To our Curtonic supercharged lemon water, simply add a dropper of Chaga tincture. You can also add this to your coffee. I find it a little energizing so I wouldn't take it at night but it's something that you should 100% take like a multivitamin.

Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Spray

Last but not least is a very special product – Bee Propolis. Propolis is originally call bee glue because it's a really sticky substance. It’s bee saliva mixed with tree and plant resins. Beekeeper’s Naturals has done an amazing job at turning it into an easy on-the-go spray. This spray not only boosts your immunity, but it contains over 300 vitamins, minerals, and compounds.

Bee Fact:

Bees make a propolis doormat to protect the hive from all these unwanted germs and cells!


How we use it: Straight Up // In Supercharged Lemon Water

You can spray it in your throat when you have a tickle or just as an everyday preventative measure. We also add it to our supercharged lemon water in the morning as a finishing spray. It adds a little sweetness and supercharges this water even more.

I hope you enjoyed our little product knowledge here. The main takeaway is you really can't go wrong with these products. They're family friendly and you can really just throw it all in your morning water to start your day the right way!

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