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About Good Goddess

Good Goddess offers a  contemporary outlook on premium wellness, taking the confusion out of getting healthy.

Our beverage and food-activating products are a hybrid between nutritional health + beauty and promise to get you glowing from the inside out.

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A Few Good Goddesses...

Always in tune with beauty and style, Natasha Geddes began her career as a Fashion Buyer for Holt Renfrew, before taking on the role of Marketing and Fashion Director at one of Canada’s leading luxury e-tailers.

For more than a decade, Natasha was immersed in developing luxury brands and travelling the world to edit the globe’s top fashion showrooms. After the birth of her son and daughter, Natasha extended her expert focus to include healthy living.

She dove progressively deeper into mindful cooking and nutrition, challenging herself to create delicious gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and explore the power of supplements. Her passion became more than a hobby, garnering the attention not only of family and friends, but celebrities and followers who turned to her for advice on how to live a balanced life, starting in the kitchen.

Natasha had her light-bulb moment and enrolled at New York City-based, Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After graduating, she began creating personalized nutrition programs, as well as developing products that would eventually become part of the Good Goddess brand.


Natasha Geddes Says,

“Taking the confusion out of getting healthy was the key driver for me.  Going to health food stores can be so overwhelming! I don’t want anyone who’s trying to be healthy to ever feel intimidated. With Good Goddess, I’ve set out to create a trusting ‘nest’ for women (and men!) to feel safe and inspired.”

Dr. Liz Stawbridge, MD

At Good Goddess we view health and wellness holistically, adopting an integrated point of view. Dr. Liz, a board-certified doctor of family medicine and founder of Good Medicine, embodies our approach. As a regular contributor and consultant to GG, Dr. Liz deftly balances her training in conventional family medicine with complementary fields including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, plant-based therapies and more.

“I consider true medicine to be anything that enlivens and enhances our sensory experience of life,” says Strawbridge. “Life comes from connecting to a greater purpose, the people around us and to this beautiful earth.”

alexadnra baird

ALEXANDRA BAIRD, Holistic Chef and Contributor

Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Ripe Nutrition and Broth Goddess, Alexandra Baird has combined her knowledge of nutrition with her passion for cooking and created a brand of bone broths and infusions that heal and beautify from the inside out. Follow her here


JO LEVINE, CNP,NNCP and In-House Nutritionist

Holistic Goddess Jordana is a holistic nutritionist, meal prep coach and founder of Jo Levine Nutrition. She helps heal from digestive issues, allergies, food-related anxiety, burnout and more. Jo works with individuals and families to identify symptoms, concerns and goals, building tailored plans to achieve long-term physical and mental well-being. Follow her here