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Beauty + The Bees
Chocoglow Beauty Chocolate with Himalayan Salt and Pearl Powder - Good Goddess
Beauty + The Bees
Beauty + The Bees
Chocoglow Beauty Chocolate Infused with Pearl Powder - Good Goddess

Beauty + The Bees

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Give your medicine cabinet a natural upgrade! This bundle combines antioxidant-rich dark chocolate with beauty boosting rare pearl powder and the powerful germ fighting properties of bee propolis.

Beauty + The Bees Include:

  • Your Choice of Chocoglow Beauty Chocolate - 75% Salted or 80% Dark
    From bean to bar chocolate infused with rare pearl powder, Chocoglow is keto and paleo friendly, dairy free and low in sugar. The 75% Salted bar includes a touch of pink Himalayan salt while the 80% dark is classic and smooth. This guilt-free treat will satisfy your sweet tooth with added beauty benefits. Every bar is handcrafted by our friends and a-to-bar chocolate makers at McGuire Chocolate Company in New Brunswick, Canada.
    About the pearl:
    In Chinese medicine, pearl powder is said to be detoxifying and is used as an anti-inflammatory and a relaxant. In Ayurvedic medicine, pearl powder is said to be an antidote for poison, as well as an ingredient in love potions. This beautiful powder contains amino acids, calcium, and trace minerals – providing many benefits which support the skin and can also be used as a (non animal-derived) collagen alternative.
  • Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Spray Throat Relief
    Prized as the immune system of the hive, propolis has incredible germ fighting properties and even contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds — making it nature’s ultimate defender.