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Coffee By The Bag
Good Goddess Organic coffee bean information

Coffee By The Bag

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Our signature organic bean is to be considered your booster base.

Strong but smooth, no acidity with hints of cocoa and toasted sugar

We’ve tasted and tested for months in order to create a coffee fit for a Goddess: strong but smooth with hints of cocoa and toasted sugar, without the sugar.

About the beans:

  • Rich in polyphenols, a rich source of dietary antioxidants
  • Perfectly formulated to compliments all the GG coffee boosters
  • Tested for mold (yes mold, which is very common in commercial beans)

Offered in one pound bags and whole beans roasted weekly in Toronto to preserve freshness.

BUT WHY USE WHOLE BEANS when you can buy them already ground?

The most important reason is freshness because once a bean has been ground, coffee will go stale very fast!  The beautiful flavour in the bean oils will evaporate once the beans are ground up, which means they need to be locked in their protective shell until coffee time, otherwise it loses about 60% of its aroma!

And let's remember that coffee oils are very delicate, which makes them an easy victim of contamination. In other words, odours that are floating around ground coffee will taint it and nobody want a hint of sautéed onion in their butter coffee!

Roasted in Toronto, Canada


Caffeinated responsibly!