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Good Sh*#! Fiber Powder
Good Sh*#! Fiber Powder

Good Sh*#! Fiber Powder

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Do you know that if you are not eliminating at least two times daily then you are considered to be constipated?  

Packed with essential ingredients, this fiber formulation will have your colon working regularly in no time. In addition to promoting regularity, Good Sh*#! contains a stack of power herbs and nutrients that will fortify your colon, and provide essential nutrients.


Start noticing benefits immediately:

  • Remove toxins out of the colon and your body
  • Restore regular elimination

How We Use It:

Adult orally, start with 1 teaspoon (2.3g), 2 times per day, increase amount gradually over two weeks to 1 scoop (8.27g), twice per day.

To maintain freshness and nutrients, store in dry dark place after opening.