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Good Goddess Earseeds

Bling with Benefits!

Traditionally called AURICULOTHERAPY and an extension of acupuncture, Earseeds are jewels that provide acupressure to points on the ear to treat a variety of conditions.

Target Conditions Include (but not limited to):

stress / immunity / focus / digestion / hormones / sex + reproduction / low back / shoulder / neck / detox / insomnia / sexual desire / appetite control / anxiety / migraine / addiction / acne

Menu of Treatments

Customized Combination Sets
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Targeted Sets:

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About Good Goddess

Good Goddess is a contemporary wellness company that offers nutrition-based products and services.

With an approachable, community-driven outlook on getting healthy, we focus on nutrition both on and off the plate.

And, did we mention we also make the cleanest, most delicious coconut yogurt on planet Earth?

A hybrid of food and beauty, Good Goddess promises to get you glowing from the inside out.