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Magical Morning Menage

natasha butter coffee

If you’re new to the butter coffee game, consider this your guide to a life-changing morning ritual.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you will start to wake up excited to start the morning ritual and reap the benefits throughout your day and beyond!

Where did butter coffee come from?

Sherpas in Nepal and Kashmirs in northern India have been enjoying similar stuff for years. Gurage people of Ethiopia enjoy their brew with butter, honey and salt while in Vietnam, chon coffee beans are sautéed with butter, salt and sugar, then lightly roasted. But one of the most studied Ayurvedic tradition is Tibetan butter tea, called po cha which is made by churning fermented black tea with salty yak butter.

Every tea serving a different purpose such as improving mental alertness and cognitive capacity, sodium balancing the diuretic effects of the tea, while yak butter contains about 2.5% CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has been know have anti-carcinogenic properties and may help reduce hunger, decrease body fat mass and increase lean body mass in some people. In fact, it's so good for you, it's the only exception to our dairy-free program.

Cut to 2014 when biohacker Dave Asprey reinvented this traditional beverage and born was The Bulletproof Coffee.

Now a never to be skipped routine to industry experts, health gurus and everyday super-humans, this life-changing coffee sharpens your mind, cuts your apetite and burns fat. YES PLEASE!

There are different variation of which you can explore but the modern-day version of this recipe is the following:

  • Organic coffee beans, like GG Boostina (brewed to perfection, we prefer a French press over anything else)
  • Unsalted grass-fed butter (you may add a pinch of Himalayan salt if you want but we love bathroom breaks so we don’t) or coconut butter
  • Fantastic Fat MCT oil

The 3 most FAQs

Can I use regular butter instead of grass-fed?

Nope! The CLA (the NATURAL and GOOD trans fat that increases fat burning, stimulate fat breakdown and inhibit fat production) content is 300–500% higher in beef and dairy from grass-fed cows than grain-fed cows.

Can I skip the butter?

Absolutely. We don't always use GFB (dairy) so we love to substitute with coconut butter! Plus we love the added flavour it adds to this magical morning beverage!

Can I add sugar?

NO! This will offset your ability to lose fat. Your body will no longer use your fat for fuel. Sugar in not allowed.

What about my beloved breakfast?

This IS your breakfast. And, if you add our Powderful Grass-Fed Collagen, you’ll not only get 8 grams of protein in but enjoy stronger hair and nails, shiner hair and joint recovery. Plus, you won’t be hungry for breakfast!

Now that you’ve got the facts and you’re sold, you’ll need a quick how-to tutorial… Enjoy!