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Gift of Sparkles with Benefits

Gift of Sparkles with Benefits

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Gift the Goddesses on your list a bit of bling with feel good benefits!

Do you know that the ear is believed to be a microsystem of the entire body? We do!

Auriculotherapy is the process of stimulating key points on the ear’s microsystem. This therapy effectively treats a variety of health and wellness conditions through Ear Seeds which are tiny beads that resemble seeds (we’ve even got pretty Swarovski crystal ones!).
Held in place on the surface of the ear by adhesive tape, they’re non-invasive and work by exerting a gentle constant pressure on specific points. The pressure can be amplified, as needed, by gently massaging the seeds several times a day. They are safe to use on everyone, even children.

20 minutes | includes 24k gold beads and swarovski crystals
treatment with: Dr. Jess Roeder, Registered Chiropractor and Acupuncturist
Service available at Good Goddess The Nest, Toronto.