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Gift That Keeps on Giving (Lymphatic Drainage)

Gift That Keeps on Giving (Lymphatic Drainage)

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The feel good gift that truly keeps on giving - great for the moms in your life and for yourself.

Why we love this treatment?

Lymphatic drainage offers many benefits that helps you feel good starting from within. Benefits include:
Stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration / Reduces swelling and unwanted pockets of fluid / Reduces water retention and bloating / Improves immune system due to the important elimination of toxins/ Improves body contour and skin texture / Energizes the body / Provides an overall lightness in the body / Promotes body and mental relaxation / Minimizes the appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of fluid that presses up against the cross-hatched fibers beneath your skin.


The lymphatic system is one of the many intricate systems in your body. It has a very important role as it is responsible for clearing waste bi-products and toxins from the body. Furthermore, the lymphatic system carries your white blood cells which are imperative in fighting off infections and pathogens. Lymph itself, is a clear fluid that moves through your tissues and arteries to clean them, before draining them through the lymphatic system. Think of it as the detox system of the body!!

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage is the process of stimulating the lymphatic system to ensure lymph movement is not only maintained but sped up to accelerate the process of removing the accumulated liquid between cells and their waste bi-products. This can be done through a variety of processes such as massage, cupping, vacuum therapy and LED therapy to name a few!

1 hour 30 minutes
treatment with: Dr. Jess Roeder, Registered Chiropractor and Acupuncturist
Service available at Good Goddess The Nest, Toronto.